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HP Safety offers unparalleled expertise in helping companies fully comply with OSHA requirements. HP Safety can prepare companies for the dramatic increases in OSHA enforcement that are currently being implemented or are on their way.

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There is no doubt about how competitive, complex, and hazardous the construction industry is for all the parties involved. Every year in the US, this sector of the economy reports some of the highest indicators in terms of worker casualties. This is, of course, an unfortunate situation that everyone wants to avoid at all costs.

In the US, there are public institutions as OSHA which work to create safer environments, especially in high-risk workplaces as construction sites. These professionals enforce the law to oblige non-compliant companies that do not meet the standard requirements that have been created to protect the workers. When such requirements aren’t met, OSHA and other public agencies proceed to punish businesses with considerable fines and severe regulations.

Site inspections play a huge part in safety protocols and procedures in business. There are countless companies that have highly hazardous work environments without even knowing it. Truth be told, safety-related guidelines and frameworks are highly complex and hard to follow but there are abundant reasons to go the extra mile and make our workplaces safer.

That’s why companies require the assistance of seasoned professionals who own the necessary insights to detect potential issues and propose the right solutions to business owners. Site inspections aren’t only highly valuable to prevent potentially-deadly accidents at the workplace but also to become fully compliant with OSHA’s guidelines and frameworks, avoiding this way considerable fines that may jeopardize your project.

When accidents take place in the workplace, the environment tends to transform and affect everyone involved. The workers take an emotional hit. The people in charge carry it as a burden. The organization as a whole suffers, both mentally and legally. Different parties may and should mobilize in order to determine who has the fault here and, in the vast majority of cases, the company is the liable one.

Accidents do happen. Of course, they are more common in hazardous workplaces as construction sites and heavy-duty factories. Unfortunately, accidents in these environments often translate into deadly injuries.

Businesses are complex structures that require the attention and interest of everyone involved. It’s hard to keep a company in good shape when the ones in charge lose sight of what is important, when details are missing. And one of those things that are truly important for a running operation is the safety aspect.

The bigger the company, more difficult may be the challenge. This is a reality that conscious business owners understand. They have the need for comprehending things and act rationally. True professionals know the importance of facts and the process of obtaining them.

Hiring new workers for your company is always an exhausting process. The challenges are many and there is no time to spare, especially when there is a new project ahead. One key phase of this fatiguing procedure is to provide the mandatory orientations to these new hires. Alongside the obvious reasons, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) demands this as a requirement to help new workers to understand how they must act in the workplace in order to respect the safety-related procedures and remain safe.

New hire orientations should be highly customized, adapted to the characteristics of every single company, work environment, and activity. Potential hazards must be explained along with the means to minimize the risk of experiencing an accident.

On-site auditing is a crucial process that companies that meet the requirements must implement without conditions. For most companies, an on-site audit has been the difference between a successful business project and a deadly accident. Many safety flaws and violations come up when the damage has been done already, after the workforce has suffered the consequence of the business’ lack of attention and responsibility.

And when it comes to enforcing the law, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Agency) will not consent companies that are being irresponsible regarding their workforce’s safety. Indeed, the fines and penalties imposed by OSHA can easily jeopardize your entire business operation. Therefore, the smartest idea will always be to adopt a preventive mindset and act accordingly to the safety frameworks that exist and work as the industry’s standards.