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New Hire Orientations

Hiring new workers for your company is always an exhausting process. The challenges are many and there is no time to spare, especially when there is a new project ahead. One key phase of this fatiguing procedure is to provide the mandatory orientations to these new hires. Alongside the obvious reasons, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) demands this as a requirement to help new workers to understand how they must act in the workplace in order to respect the safety-related procedures and remain safe.

New hire orientations should be highly customized, adapted to the characteristics of every single company, work environment, and activity. Potential hazards must be explained along with the means to minimize the risk of experiencing an accident.

At HP Safety Consulting, we have been helping our clients with high-quality, reliable new hire orientations that don’t only keep the workers safe but make companies fully compliant with the laws and regulations regarding OSHA.

Customized Orientations that Keep Incidents at Bay

The first action to prevent serious incidents in the workplace is by preparing people to perform according to the established rules. Safety procedures and guidelines do exist to minimize the risk in highly-hazardous environments like construction sites and factories. Without such procedures, workers are exposed to suffer injuries that may be deadly.

Accidental deaths in the workplace are a frequent reality that companies must avoid by applying the right measures, as new hire orientations. And because every single organization is different in a certain degree, it’s important for decision-makers to choose the right professionals to do the job.

The team at HP Safety Consulting has a huge experience in new hire orientations and further training. In the last few years, we have been helping our clients with this initial mandatory phase, making things smoother for the organization to bring in new professionals and comply with the safety laws at the same time.

Working Towards a Bright Future for Your Company

Being fully compliant with OSHA is part of having a healthy company. It’s impossible to operate with peace of mind when potential violations of the safety regulations may be present. These situations can turn into unfortunate events very quickly. Workers may suffer accidents at the workplace and OSHA agents could visit your installations and find the violations themselves. As you may know already, OSHA’s penalties can be severe enough to jeopardize your projects.

HP Safety Consulting exists to support your business, this time by offering effective new hire orientations according to the rules. We work hard to strengthen your procedures and make your own team more productive, everything while developing a safer work environment.

If you want to know more about our new hire orientations and our wide array of safety-related solutions, please, get in contact with our team. At HP Safety Consulting, we are happy to help you further.