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Respirator Protection & Fit Testing

Respirator Protection & Fit Testing

Proper respirator protection equipment is a must in different work settings where the worker is exposed to hazardous materials that could cause harm through the respiratory tract. There are toxic chemicals that generate dangerous fumes, a situation that may lead to both short- and long-term illness.

Therefore, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) puts pressure on companies that manipulate high-risk materials in order to establish and implement the needed procedures to guarantee the worker’s wellbeing. One way to do so has been the respirator protection & fit testing training, a pre-requisite for many organizations that fit the profile.

At HP Safety Consulting, our team can help you to become qualified in respirator protection & fit testing. By mastering this matter, your organization will be fully capable of implementing and following the right procedures to protect workers and ultimately being compliant with the rules and regulations established by OSHA.

The Relevance of Proper Respirator Protection

Not all respirator protection equipment is the same nor is suitable for all the different scenarios. Needs vary and therefore, the kind of equipment that workers require to remain safe when exposed to hazardous fumes. The selection of the right masks for the workplace is not always easy and requires a joint effort by those in charge. Proper training is also needed to understand how to fit the equipment, clean it, and store it after its use.

The HP Safety Consulting team will cover these topics in the respirator protection & fit testing training program. Through this course, a member of the company’s staff will become a highly-capable in-house trainer who will oversee how the equipment is being used by the rest of the team. He or she will become responsible for the proper use of masks and other tools.

Test, Use, Clean, and Maintain

From construction sites to ER, proper respirator protection & fit testing is required by law. Serious health issues can arise if the right equipment doesn’t find its way during critical moments.

But the “right” equipment may change over time and depend on who is wearing it. That’s why recurrent testing procedures must take place, to determine the exact type of mask the worker needs for effective protection.

That’s why our respirator protection & fit testing training focus on every single stage, from testing and usage to cleaning and maintenance. Our seasoned professionals will help your staff to become knowledgeable and capable of remaining safe in critical scenarios. By keeping your workforce safe and sound, your organization also will be fully compliant regarding OSHA’s guidelines and frameworks.

If you want to know more about our respiratory protection & fit testing training and other safety-related solutions, please, get in contact with us. Our team will be happy to help you further.