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OSHA Recordkeeping

OSHA Recordkeeping

Modern work environments are highly dynamic and difficult to control at will, especially the high-risk ones. Construction sites and industrial settings are two perfect examples of work environments where the many moving parts can generate great complexity, with a plethora of situations developing. This is also true for accidents and workers. When it comes to fix a problem, in this case to avoid work-related accidents in the future, it’s paramount to understand the issue in great detail.

This is why OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) made mandatory the use of a specific log where the organization must record the details of every single incident, injury, or illness that occurs in the workplace. This is known as OSHA recordkeeping.

By having correct recordkeeping when it comes to work-related incidents, businesses can control in detail what is happening and also report everything correctly to the authorities. If OSHA agents get involved and discover that accidents aren’t being recorded just as the law demands it, the company can get in serious legal problems, face considerable fines and put in jeopardy the entire operation.

Document and Control

At HP Safety Consulting, we are seasoned experts in terms of OSHA recordkeeping. For years, we have been helping our clients to document and control everything related to accidents in the workplace. While the ideal scenario is to prevent every single incident that may cause harm to a worker, sometimes that’s is impossible. Then, other actions as recordkeeping are necessary.

With our training course, companies can become capable of proper, compliant recordkeeping and remain within the guidelines established by OSHA. The program offered by HP Safety Consulting covers aspects as determining work-relatedness, the responsibilities of different workers within the organization, how supervisors and managers must act when it comes to recordkeeping, how to work with the OSHA 300/300A form, and plenty more.

A Solid, Compliant System

OSHA recordkeeping is a serious aspect of running a business these days. While there are exceptions, as businesses with a minimum number of employees, most well-established organizations these days have the duty to run a solid system.

The team at HP Safety Consulting makes this possible. With our training course, your business will finally have a fully operating system that isn’t only capable to record with great efficiency the incidents at the workplace but also to be unconditionally compliant with the different guidelines and frameworks established by OSHA.

If you want to know more about our OSHA recordkeeping training and other safety-related solutions, please, get in contact with us. Our team of experts will be ready to help you further.