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Machine Safeguarding

Machine Safeguarding

All machines in the workplace that may suppose, in one way or another, a physical hazard to workers must be professionally safeguarded. This isn’t only a safety duty that companies in different industries have but also a legal one. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is the institution in charge of enforcing the law to create safer work environments.

Companies must prepare its workforce to perform in a safe fashion around machinery and its movings parts. Keeping everyone safe is only possible through quality machine safeguarding training. Workers must be able to understand why guarding is important and how to do it according to the legislation and regulations.

At HP Safety Consulting, our team of experts provides high-quality safety training that allows workers to operate in safe environments. Our goal is to assist organizations in the creation of safer workplaces, where individuals may be without avoidable hazards. Our work has allowed many of our clients not only to protect their workers but also to become fully compliant to OSHA.

Moving Parts and Accidental Contact

There are workplaces that have a worrisome abundance of hazards that put in serious risk the worker’s life. Some environments are more dangerous than others. A good example is those that employ heavy-duty machines for the daily activities, as may be manufacturing sites. Most machines imply the presence of moving parts that aren’t only necessary for its proper functioning but also fatal if the right safety measures aren’t taken.

Belts, gears, cranks, chains, flywheels, pulleys, couplings, and rods are some examples of moving parts may cause serious harm to workers. This all happens as the consequence of accidental contact. Indeed, accidental contact is one of the leading causes of machine-related injuries.

Machine safeguarding training teaches workers about how machinery and these moving parts may result in serious injuries. At the same time, the staff can learn about accidental contact and how to successfully prevent it by implementing and respecting the safety procedures.

Guarding Principles in Training

Machine safeguarding training isn’t only the smartest way to prevent accidents in the workplace but also a duty that companies have in order to become fully compliant to OSHA. However, business owners, managers, and supervisors must see it in a different way.

The reality is that machine safeguarding is about allowing the worker to perform well and comfortably, without creating inconveniences. In the moment a guarding procedure becomes inconvenient or uncomfortable for the worker, it must get replaced. Machine safeguarding must not lead to new, unexpected safety issues for the workers.

At HP Safety Consulting, we can offer machine safeguarding training to your business, allowing the workers to operate according to the guidelines and moving your organization one step closer from full compliance. If you want to know more, get in contact with our team.