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Forklift Train-the-Trainer

Forklift Train-the-Trainer

Some organizations require to have a certified professional with the capacity to provide in-house training to forklift operators covering all the key aspects, including safety matters. These professionals have to meet OSHA requirements according to current law. The company must designate someone from the staff to become the trainer and evaluator for operators.

The role of the in-house trainer is not only to provide quality, proper forklift training to operators but also to evaluate their performance and make sure that the safety procedures are being followed as expected.

At HP Safety Consulting, we have been helping our clients with forklift train-the-training programs that have allowed them to have capable professionals in their teams, also respecting OSHA demands regarding safety concerns.

Educating Operators

The top priority that in-house trainers have is to make sure they are educating capable operators that will be in charge of powered industrial trucks in the workplace. These operators must be capable beyond using the forklift but to do it in a safe fashion.

Indeed, in-house trainers must transmit everything about safety procedures that belong to forklifts. These are dangerous powered industrial trucks, ones that provide a wide array of hazards if operated incorrectly or recklessly. Here the in-house trainer must be clear and efficient, teaching the safety guidelines that must be followed at all times.

Finally, in-house trainers must evaluate the operators’ performance and make sure that the safety protocols implemented in the company regarding forklifts are being followed. This is a key element of being a trainer/evaluator. It’s paramount for any organization to have someone who is checking on the different procedures, guaranteeing their compliance.

Educating Non-Operators

Powered industrial trucks aren’t only dangerous for the operators in them but also for the workers in the surroundings. Because of this, in-house trainers/evaluators are also in charge of educating and evaluating the rest of the staff, making sure they remain safe when working around forklifts.

At HP Safety Consulting, we can help your business with high-quality, certified forklift train-the-trainer programs that will allow your business to become compliant to OSHA regulations and guidelines. You will also be investing in the creation of a safer, more productive work environment for your employees.

If you want to know more about our forklift train-the-trainer program and other safety solutions, please, get in contact with us. Our team will be happy to help you further.