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Forklift Operator

Forklift Operator

Forklifts are essential industrial vehicles that make possible countless of actions in the workplace. This is a power industrial truck that cannot be absent as it makes workers able to carry heavy objects that are often placed at heights. However, in order to safely and efficiently operate a forklift, there is mandatory training that is demanded by law.

Accidents involving forklifts are often deadly, both for the operator and the workers in the proximities. This is why quality training is so important: it will help to decrease the chance of experiencing accidents, injuries, and casualties in the workplace.

At HP Safety Consulting, we want to help you with the challenge of creating a safer work environment for your team to operate in a safe fashion. Conscious businesses don’t only do this for the sake of protecting their workers but also because the law demands it. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is quite clear when it comes to non-compliant companies: fines and penalties are certain.

OSHA and Forklift Operator Training

OSHA demands forklift operator training as a mandatory step after hiring a professional worker to fulfill this role within the company. However, it’s a common misconception that refresher training is mandatory as well. The reality is that companies are only required to get refresher training, to repeat the course all over again for its workers, only if a negative situation takes place, like an accident involving the forklift.

This means that the only thing a company needs to become compliant in terms of forklift operator training is to hire a professional business to impart the course once and then apply all the knowledge and procedures in order to avoid potential incidents.

Creating Safer Work Environments

Employees have the duty to provide forklift operator training to selected workers in order to make them behave in a safe fashion during the everyday. This training must cover all the procedures regarding safety in different work settings and environments.

Safer work environments are only possible when the company’s management invests in the right resources, and training is a fundamental one. At HP Safety Consulting, we have been helping our clients with quality training for years now. We’re known experts in the fields of safety at work, allowing the businesses that choose us to become fully compliant and operate respecting the safety laws and without the risk of suffering considerable fines imposed by OSHA. Our clients also enjoy great peace of mind, knowing that their workers operate in controlled, secure-as-possible work environments.

If you want to know more about our forklift operator training and other safety courses, please, get in contact with us. The HP Safety Consulting team will be happy to help you further.