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Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Planning will always be one of the best ways to prevent inconvenient situations in business. This rule applies in almost every single aspect, including safety affairs. That’s why the Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP) exists. This is a comprehensive document that is defined based on guidelines established by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the unique characteristics of every organization.

The goal of the Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is to fully allow both employers and employees to act effectively during emergencies at the workplace. Robust Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) are one of the very best resources that modern companies have to guarantee the safety standards at every work environment.

However, crafting and following a Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP) that is fully customized to your workplace is something that doesn’t occur organically at first. Businesses need quality training to get their staff on the same page when it comes to creating, implementing, and respecting EAPs. At HP Safety Consulting, we are experienced professionals in safety matters, including Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plans (EAPs). We have been helping our clients with extensive training that made their workers capable and their companies compliant.

Implementing and Following

The Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP) allows workers to act accordingly during times of crisis in the workplace. No matter what, the established EAP must be respected and followed by the staff. While EAPs can be comprehensive and overwhelming from time to time, their implementation will always be coherent with the workplace’s features and characteristics. These documents are the result of detailed inspections that reveal what the hazards are.

Nonetheless, despite how overwhelming the design and implementation process may be, having the right resources make everything easier when it comes to Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plans (EAPs). One of those resources in question is quality safety training. The HP Safety Consulting team is always ready to provide safety training regarding the Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP), which makes a company’s workers capable professionals that can act with confidence and direction during emergencies.

Consequences of an Inefficient EAP

When a Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is poorly defined and implemented or the workers aren’t capable of acting according to its guidelines, the risks of suffering serious injuries exponentially increases. The measures indicated by an EAP exist for a very good reason: they reduce the hazards’ consequences by guiding effective counter-actions and evacuations. These detailed plans define every single step workers must take during emergencies.

Besides the obvious consequences (workers suffering injuries), companies have to face another challenge when the Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP) doesn’t exist or it’s being implemented poorly. OSHA is strict and severe when it comes to violations of the safety guidelines and regulations established for different industries these days. A business that isn’t compliant with the current regulation is widely exposed to considerable fines and penalties.

At HP Safety Consulting, we can help you become fully compliant through quality safety training, including everything that is related to the Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP). If you want to know more, please, get in contact with our team.