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Crane and Derrick Safety

Crane and Derrick Safety

Crane and derrick operators aren't the only ones at risk when working with heavy loads in different environments. Truth be told, all the workers in the proximity are exposed to the great risks that these machines suppose. These large-scale devices will not go anywhere as they represent an essential element of modern construction.

The heavy-duty lifting devices we all know have been engineered to be as efficient and safe as possible in their use. However, considering the outstandingly heavy loads they are supposed to carry, it is impossible to have a work environment that is completely safe when they are up and running.

Their mere presence increases the risk of experiencing a deadly accident at the workplace. That’s why implementing and following the right safety procedures is so relevant and important. A key part of this is having well-trained workers that understand the hazards and safety procedures to remain always safe. At HP Safety Consulting, we can help you with your training needs. Our team of experts has been helping our clients with their safety-related needs for years now.

Working Together

When it comes to cranes, derricks, and similar heavy-duty devices, it’s all about teamwork. Both operators and workers in the proximity must be aware of the different safety procedures that are required to remain safe. For example, the use of a crane at a construction site exponentially increases the hazards to all workers, not only those directly involved in its operation. Therefore, it becomes paramount to understand how the risk can be managed and take the needed measures to do it successfully.

The crane and derrick safety training we offer at HP Safety Consulting doesn’t only aim to operators. Instead, the program focuses on delivering the most adequate resources to all the workers involved, from the ones on the field to managers and contractors. This way, every single individual that is involved in the project can work towards a safer work environment, where regulations and procedures are being respected.

Safety Training for Compliance

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires companies to implement all the needed measures to reduce the risk of an accident at the workplace. One of these measures is proper, quality training that is imparted by qualified professionals.

Proper crane and derrick safety training covers topics as the responsibilities that operators and other workers have to ensure safety, the legal implications in the OSHA's regulations, assembling and disassembling, fall protection, different types of mandatory inspections, equipment, and pre-requisites for optimum safety.

At HP Safety Consulting, we can help your business to become fully compliant with OSHA’s regulations while taking proper care of your workforce. If you want to know more about our crane and derrick safety training and other solutions, please, get in contact with us. Our team will be happy to help you further.