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Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens

Work environments as hospitals, clinics, emergency scenarios, pharmacies, schools, tattoo shops, and a few others have a particularity that requires our full attention: there is a high chance of exposure to blood and other body fluids that have the capability to transmit diseases. Because of this, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) made mandatory through regulations to use all the needed resources in order to minimize exposure in the workplace.

Infectious materials, beginning with blood, must be treated in a special way in the workplace. That’s why professionals who could be exposed to blood and other body fluids due to their duties and responsibilities must master the subject and behave in a safe fashion. In order to achieve this, there is the bloodborne pathogens training that is required by law.

At HP Safety Consulting, we have been helping our clients to become compliant in terms of bloodborne pathogens and keep their workforce safe. By protecting the workers, our clients have also been fully compliant regarding safety matters, enjoying a good, healthy relationship with OSHA, the leading regulator when it comes to creating safer work environments.

Specialized Training for Reduced Hazards

For those work environments where blood and other body fluids are a constant, special measures must be taken. Professionals who get reasonably exposed to these infectious materials must receive special training in order to minimize the chance of disease transmission.

Some of the most common diseases that bloodborne pathogens training try to prevent in the workplace are HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, malaria, and yellow fever. As you may already know, these are severe, potentially deadly diseases that any business in any industry must work hard to prevent. When the mishandle of certain situations and scenarios at the workplace occur, the risk of transmission increases exponentially.

The HP Safety Consulting team is ready to provide high-quality, fully-compliant bloodborne pathogens training that will be able to reduce the hazard in the workplace. The training program includes everything that is considered as essential by OSHA, following the different guidelines and regulations established by the agency. This allow businesses to implement the very best safety practices and prevent problems with OSHA in the future.

Achieving Full Compliance with OSHA

If your organization fits the profile, you may be obliged to invest in bloodborne pathogens training for the staff. At HP Safety Consulting, our team of seasoned experts can provide this training alongside with the credentials that OSHA agents may demand in different scenarios. These credentials will be granted by the end of the training program and are the physical proof of your business’ committment and compliance according to OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens regulations.

For more information about our bloodborne pathogens training and other safety-related solutions, please, get in contact with us. Our team will be ready to help you further.