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Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial Work Platforms

Aerial work platforms require special safety training that provides all the information that is needed for workers to operate according to the latest regulations and guidelines established by authorities. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) demands companies to invest in quality safety training programs for the staff to become knowledgeable and capable of facing the many challenges of a hazardous work environment.

Straight telescoping, articulating, and scissor lift aerial work platforms present a wide array of hazards to the workers when the proper safety procedures aren't implemented and followed as expected. Therefore, safety training for aerial work platform focus on the essentials and do it in a way that is perfect for both new and experienced platform operators.

At HP Safety Consulting, our team of seasoned professionals has been helping our clients with their safety-related needs at work. We assisted them with compliance matters, training programs, and much more. Today, we can help your organization with aerial work platform safety training.

Knowing The Tools

Aerial work platform operators need to know their machinery and tools in exhausting detail. This will allow them to implement all the safety measures required by OSHA. Workers have to understand the moving parts of working with aerial work platforms, from the technology and regulations to fall protection essentials.

Doing a proper job in terms of safety also involves inspection process from the workers. The inspections don’t only cover the platform itself but also the work areas nearby. Many times, accidents are caused by elements in the proximity that interfere with the operations. The responsible staff needs to assess the hazards and take the required actions for prevention purposes. Other aspects as mounting and dismounting are both phases where workers need to follow the defined safety guidelines to successfully manage the potential risks.

The HP Safety Consulting team provides comprehensive information and resources in these matters, always prioritizing simplicity and practicality. The goal is to empower operators to act accordingly, following the implemented safety procedures.

Full Compliance with OSHA

When it comes to compliance, the training solutions we offer at HP Safety Consulting follow the highest standards in quality and excellence. Companies will not only prepare their staff for the challenges to come but also will become fully compliant with the frameworks and regulations established by OSHA.

Completion certificates and credentials are granted to the client when the staff finishes the training program. This way, our clients are fully compliant regarding aerial work platforms and related safety needs. If you want to know more about our services, please, get in contact with us. Our team will be ready to help you further.