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    We are a global branding agency helping companies to communicate
    through vision and imagination.
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    We are a global branding agency helping companies to communicate
    through vision and imagination.
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    We are a global branding agency helping companies to communicate
    through vision and imagination.

We Are HP Safety Consulting

OSHA compliance and safety training.

We provide Construction/General Industry Safety Training for all trades in the Construction Industry and General Industry. Safety Training for your Management team or your employees in the field. HP Safety Consulting can help your company develop, implement, and maintain a safety program that meets and exceeds OSHA safety requirements. We can conduct OSHA training classes at your jobsite, your office, or off-site location. The on-site safety training and instruction is more than simply an OSHA training course. We provide..

  • OSHA required training
  • OSHA safety requirements
  • OSHA reporting requirements
  • Site specific OSHA safety training courses

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Our Services

HP Safety offers unparalleled expertise in helping companies fully comply with OSHA requirements.

Here are some of the OSHA compliance-related services we offer:

Creator Of Quality Training And Thinker Of Fresh Ideas.

HP Safety can prepare companies for the dramatic increases in OSHA enforcement that are currently being implemented or are on their way

Our Quality Training Services

We do the Following Safety Training. These are general descriptions. Our first task is to understand your company situation.

OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course

Proper, comprehensive safety training for workers in hazardous work environments is mandatory according to OSHA’s guidelines. Having professionals at work without the adequate safety training not only expose them to serious injuries on the site but also to considerable fines and penalties coming from the safety agency.

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OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course

Responsible and modern organizations care about the safety of their workers, especially when operating in high-risk work environments. While all kinds of procedures and improvements can be implemented over time, the most valuable asset to companies has to protect their workforce is quality training.

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OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course

Hazardous work environments require well-trained workers who understand the many implications and how to behave in order to remain safe under all circumstances. Industrial sites are abundant in threats, potential accident scenarios that every worker should be able to prevent.

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OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Course

Industrial organizations have the duty to provide quality, compliant training to their workers. Part of this training aims to protect them from hazardous situations that may come up on the everyday. Industrial work environments suppose massive challenges in terms of work-related accidents, making proper training critical.

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Confined Space Awareness

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires businesses to provide comprehensive, quality training regarding confined space awareness to workers as supervisors, entrants, and attendants that are involved in activities that take place in confined spaces.

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Fall Protection

Quality, comprehensive training for workers who operate in hazardous work environments continue to be the very best way to prevent both lesser and major accidents. This reasoning includes fall protection practices that all performing professionals must know and put into practice. This is especially true for those who operate with or around elevated stations, overhead platforms, and similar environments.

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